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Our Solutions

Software Development,
Consultancy & Support

With a wide range of technical skills we have a diverse offering of custom solutions, including Web Applications, Content Management Systems, Databases and other software development using both high and low level functionality as required.

Consultancy and expert advice is also available to our clients as well as process analysis, software design and holistic system recommendations.

Our optional annual maintenance plans guarantee priority support and development for any urgent requests and system enhancements as well as free telephonic or online support and training. Also on offer are block sessions to users needing once-off, ad hoc technical advice or support

Managed Profile

Managed Profile is an administrative tool for managing profiles in Windows and desktop corporate environments where multiple users share workstations. By combining the advantages of both mandatory and roaming profiles, Managed Profile provides a superior solution for greater profile stability, flexibility and control and hassle-free user profile management.

The product also includes functionality for managing logon and logoff processes as well as registry and printer settings, folders, desktop shortcuts and drive mappings, all securely logged.

About us

Our company is based in the beautiful, creative and innovative city of Cape Town – “Africa’s tech capital” according to a 2018 report. With around 500 entrepreneurial IT companies currently employing 50,000 people, this unique IT hub has a favorable exchange rate and our company’s synergistic business model of working remotely with clients and consultants is highly sought after.

Since the inception of Marcorp in 1992, we have serviced hundreds of local and international clients with in-depth expert knowledge across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. We also have a proven track record of being at the cutting edge of new innovations and paradigms, continually seeking ways to  generate holistic and responsible uses for a more sustainable future.


For consultancy advice, personal support or to find out more about our software solutions, give us a call between 9:00 and 18:00 SAST.

+27 (0)21 794 0636

Alternatively drop us an email in connection with either Managed Profile or Marcorp solutions and we’ll be in touch during our office hours.