About Us

Our company is based in the iconic and innovative city of Cape Town – “Africa’s tech capital” according to a 2018 report. With around 500 entrepreneurial IT companies currently employing 50,000 people, this unique IT hub has a favorable exchange rate and our company’s synergistic business model of working remotely with clients and consultants is highly sought after.

Since the inception of Marcorp in 1992, we have serviced hundreds of local and international clients with in-depth expert knowledge across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. We also have a proven track record of being at the cutting edge of new innovations and paradigms, continually seeking ways to  generate holistic and responsible uses for a more sustainable future.

In addition to the company’s core product, Managed Profile™, numerous custom software solutions have been tailored to the unique business processes of our other clients.

In a fast moving world, we favour incremental development as we guide our clients through the software development process with clear communications. At the same time our code is designed for lasting stability and much of our software is still in use, decades after the inital implementation. By relying as needed on specialised contractors for specific projects we are able to offer competitive pricing and value. And for our international clients primarily based in North America, Europe and Australia, the foreign exchange rate is beneficial.

Marcorp’s CEO and founding member, Julian Hansen, has a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience across numerous disciplines which ensures that clients get optimal solutions. He also personally oversees most of the software development to ensure top quality standards and customer satisfaction, placing value on clear communications and going the extra mile. His passion for sharing technical knowledge and mentoring upcoming developers is clearly evidenced in the numerous endorsements and awards he’s received from Experts Exchange over the years.

Julian Hansen

Founder and CEO of Marcorp IT Professionals

“Produce great work, and your value will become intrinsic.”