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Software Development

With a wide range of technical skills we have a diverse offering of custom solutions, including Web Applications, Content Management Systems, Databases and other software development, delivering both high and low level functionality as required. The systems are designed, built and implemented around our clients’ needs and are developed with traditional methodologies as well as cutting edge innovations. Click the heading above to view the dozens of code samples freely available on our site.


Our highly experienced software engineers are not only focused on code solutions but also offer expert advice to clients. This includes process analysis and design as well as software recommendations as needed. By helping to redefine constraints and generate integrated business and code solutions, our recommendations improve business practices to avoid wasted effort.


Our optional annual maintenance plans guarantee priority support and development for any urgent requests and system enhancements as well as free telephonic or online support and training. This is capped at a specified number of monthly hours according to budget and extended as needed. And also on offer are block sessions to users needing once-off, ad hoc technical advice or support.

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What we value

Vision and Leadership

Marcorp has a proven track record of being in the forefront of IT solutions, starting with internet solutions a few years before it became more widely available and adopted in South Africa. Since the early 1990s, hundreds of local and international corporate businesses and smaller enterprises have remotely turned to us for expert advice and innovative solutions. And continue to do so.

Clear Communication

Part of the development process frequently involves helping our clients clarify their own thinking around what they want, or think they want. Robust debate helps to generate optimal solutions and clear specifications, transparent agreements and regular updates keep vision and expectations aligned.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is in our DNA and we enjoy the mental challenge of our work. Many of our clients approached us when they struggled to find anyone else to solve their technical problem, sometimes having been told that solution was impossible. Our Managed Profile product is an example of a solution needed in corporate Linux environments, which we were the first to offer.

Honesty, Trust and Integrity

Last but not least, we greatly value our clients and strive to develop lasting relationships with them based on these principles. The fact that dozens of our clients have remained with us for well over a decade is testimony to the tremendous effort we put into seeking synergy and delivering a valuable service for them.